TUMO’s learning program, which covers eight skills, comprises Self-learning, workshops and Learning Labs. Each student is free to follow their own path and work at his or her own pace.



Game Development



Graphic Design

3D Modeling



TUMO’s self-learning activities last for two hours and are a fun and interactive way to acquire new skills. Students are supported and encouraged by specialized coaches, and gradually build up their experience to allow them to participate in our Labs.


Workshops are run by experts who specialize in the eight fields of skill areas. As the students progress, they meet in small groups for four hours per week, for a duration of four weeks, to create individual or collaborative projects. Each project is published in the student’s portfolio. Moreover, they can also be used for competitions, , festivals, and online publications, etc.

Learning Labs

During the year, students will meet periodically with internationally-acclaimed experts. These meetings will take place during vacation periods and will act as mini-internships.

The TUMO path

At TUMO, students get to design their own learning experience. The TUMO program covers eight different fields of interest, and each student creates his or her own path by selecting three of these disciplines. This new kind of interface is perfectly adapted to adolescents’ interests and results in a course that is tailored to each student.