Films, Religion and Even Kung Fu: #TUMOspotlight on Arthur

Films, Religion and Even Kung Fu: #TUMOspotlight on Arthur

Behind the quiet and modest exterior of 17-year old TUMOian Arthur Zialyants, there is a boy who is curious and eager to learn, someone who manages to juggle all kinds of different activities along with his classes at vocational college.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

“I got up one day and came to TUMO with my friend, and it’s like I’ve been here since that day. To be honest, three areas had been of interest to me from the very beginning – filmmaking, photography and music. Over time, I got to like other activities too,” Arthur said.

Arthur studies plumbing and thermal energy at the Yeznik Mozyan College. Every day after class, Arthur rushes to the Green Church (St. John the Baptist Church) in Shushi, where he has been serving as an altar boy for two months. He is considering continuing his education in a seminary, while also gaining new knowledge and skills both inside TUMO and outside. He is convinced that it will all be of use to him one day. “Education is a good thing, of course, but I think everyone should also learn a trade.”


One of Arthur’s latest hobbies is Kung fu. He has already been going to martial arts training for a month at his favorite church.